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4/20/23: Trump Humiliates DeSantis w/ Florida Endorsements, Republicans Reveal Debt Ceiling Demands, Abortion Pill SCOTUS, Big Business Pushes Child Labor, New UFO, Fox Sticks Taxpayers with Dominion Bill, Is Elon Right About AI?, Desantis Disney Fail, Saudis Secretly Buying NFL Team

Krystal and Saagar discuss Trump humiliating DeSantis in number of Florida endorsements, RFJ Jr Stuns in strong 14% poll after his announcement, Republicans reveal demands in debt ceiling fight, the Abortion Pill is in jeopardy, Democratic Congressman Dean Phillips trashes his colleagues for lying about their feelings on Feinstein’s need to retire, Big Business pushes Child labor in Iowa, a New UFO video revealed in Congressional hearing, Fox News sticks Taxpayers with bill for election lies by claiming them as a write off, Saagar looks into if Elon is right on the threat of AI Armageddon, Krystal looks into Desantis’ Disney fail, and we’re joined by Grant Paulsen at (@1067TheFan) to discuss the Saudis potentially buying the Washington Commanders in secret.

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(0:00) Intro (03:23) Trump Humiliates Desantis w/ Florida Endorsements (13:36) RFK Jr STUNS WIth Strong Poll After Announcement (23:32) Republicans REVEAL Demands In Debt Ceiling Fight (35:24) Abortion Pill IN JEOPARDY Before SCOTUS (44:44) Dem Rep TRASHES Colleagues For LYING About Feinstein (52:31) Big Business PUSHES Child Labor In Iowa (59:52) New UFO Video REVEALED In Congressional Hearing (1:08:24) Fox STICKS TAXPAYERS With Bill For Election Lies (1:14:06) Is Elon RIGHT About AI Armageddon? (1:25:09) Trump OBLITERATES DeSantis Over Disney Fail (1:33:21) Are Saudis SECRETLY Buying Washington Commanders?

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