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SDF to evacuate Japanese citizens from Sudan as conflict rages

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SDF to evacuate Japanese citizens from Sudan as conflict rages
The government will send Self-Defense Forces personnel to evacuate Japanese citizens from the African nation, the top government spokesman said in an unscheduled news conference.
Attack against Kishida prompts debate over election campaign events
Still, top LDP lawmakers have reiterated the importance of outdoor campaigning even for big-name politicians, expressing their hesitation to move such speeches indoors.
Japan grants refugee status to woman from Uganda fearing LGBTQ persecution
The woman came to Japan in 2020 after claiming she was beaten by police in Uganda for being a lesbian.
China bolsters military recruitment in bid to be ready for any future conflicts
In an effort to maximize its manpower, Beijing will prioritize veterans and aim to attract high-quality new recruits
With eye on growth and sustainability targets, Uniqlo rethinks retail spaces
Uniqlo plans on cutting 90% of greenhouse gas emissions from its stores and offices by 2030 compared to 2019 levels.
COVID tracker: Tokyo confirms 1,514 new cases amid rising trend
The most recent data for new cases nationwide, from a day earlier, showed the number of infections grew about 1,700 from a week before to …

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TSE finally ramps up market reform one year after questionable restructuring
The Tokyo Stock Exchange finally appears to be ramping up its efforts to revamp the market, one year after its consolidation of market segments left …
Abortion pill rulings to impact pharmaceutical innovation
Bringing new drugs to market is already expensive and time-consuming. Undercutting the FDA will only make it harder.
Formula One stewards dismiss Ferrari’s penalty petition
Carlos Sainz was deemed “wholly to blame” for the first-corner collision with Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso, who ended up third in a race that featured …
Fender amps up Japan presence with high-end retail strategy
The guitar-maker is emphasizing its long-standing connections to Japan with a flagship store in Harajuku, its first ever, as it seeks to appeal to both …

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