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4/19/23: Fox News Settles In Dominion Lawsuit, Market Apocalypse Looms On Debt Ceiling, Elon Warns “Civilizational Destruction” From AI, Oklahoma Officials Leaked Audio, Rep Jeff Jackson On Sensationalism, Democrats New Congressional Stock Ban, Chris Sununu Disses MAGA Fringe, Is Trump Anti-Imperialist?

Ryan and Emily discuss FOX News settling with Dominion for over $787 million dollars, a market “apocalypse” looms as fights continue over the Debt Ceiling, Elon Musk warns of the “Civilizational Destruction” from AI in Tucker Carlson interview, Oklahoma officials were caught on leaked audio with racist comments and potential hiring of a hitman, Rep Jeff Jackson calls out sensationalism on both sides of the aisle, the Democrats introduce a new bill to ban congressional stock trading, an interview between Kellyanne Conway and Gov Sununu where the Governor lashes out at MAGA fringe types for hurting Republican’s electoral chances, and we’re joined by Christian Parenti from Compact Magazine to debate whether Trump is really an anti-imperialist.

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(0:00) Intro (01:39) Fox News Settles for $787 Million (12:18) Debt Ceiling Looms (24:36) Elon Says AI “Civilizational Destruction” (33:46) Oklahoma Leaked Racist Audio (41:24) Rep Jeff Jackson on Sensationalism (49:48) Dems Congressional Stock Ban (1:04:19) Chris Sununu on Fringe MAGA (1:17:04) Christian Parenti on Trump Anti Imperialism (1:37:55) End of Show

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