Suspect in Kishida attack sued government over election rules, records show

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Suspect in Kishida attack sued government over election rules, records show
In the lawsuit, the suspect also touched on the state funeral for former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, claiming the government forced the event to go …
G7 top diplomats spotlight unity on China and Russia amid talk of rift
A joint statement was used to emphasize their unity in tackling geopolitical challenges including Chinese assertiveness over Taiwan and the ongoing Ukraine war.
TSE finally ramps up market reform one year after questionable restructuring
The Tokyo Stock Exchange finally appears to be ramping up its efforts to revamp the market, one year after its consolidation of market segments left …
Government asks firms to work together to stop harassment during job hunts
As Japanese companies hire aggressively, concern is growing over the prevalence of owahara, a form of harassment in which prospective hires are pressured into ending their …
Taiwan to buy 400 U.S. anti-ship missiles intended to repel China invasion
Taiwan has previously purchased ship-launched versions of the Harpoon missile, which is made by Boeing.
Macron wants China’s help to bring Russia and Ukraine to the table
On his recent trip to China, the French president fell short of his goal to convince Xi to talk to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

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‘The Great Reclamation’ details the horrors of the Japanese occupation in Singapore
Rachel Heng’s dazzling coming-of-age novel, set before the island country’s independence in the 1960s, chronicles the tragedy of progress with a vivid cast of characters.
Ukraine’s spring offensive just got harder
The bad news for Ukraine is that U.S. spies doubt Kyiv’s military and the Western alliance is fractious. The good news is that Ukrainians have …
China box office revenue for animated film ‘Suzume’ tops Japan takings
The film, created by “Your name.” director Makoto Shinkai, also set a new box office record as the highest-grossing Japanese animation film ever released in …
Zheng Qinwen ‘really excited’ about WTA’s China return
The WTA, which had sought a formal investigation into Peng Shuai’s allegations and an opportunity to meet her privately, said last week it will resume …
Scholars reflect on Kenzaburo Oe’s legacy a month after death
In tribute to his legacy, three scholars of Japanese literature discussed some definitive works to show how the late author captured the complex struggles of …

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