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In wake of attack, Kishida thought of bystanders, election and G7 summit

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In wake of attack, Kishida thought of bystanders, election and G7 summit
In an exclusive interview, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said that he did not feel his life was threatened in the immediate aftermath of an attack …
China tensions top agenda as G7 diplomats meet in Japan
Top diplomats from Group of Seven countries have telegraphed what is likely to be in a joint statement, with officials stressing the importance of unity …
G7 ministers promise more green energy use, but timeline on coal exit elusive
Japan’s position, adopted by the country’s ministers, is that each country has its own economic energy situation that requires different methods to achieve carbon neutrality.
‘I am Taiwanese’: China threat toughens island’s identity
At a barbed-wire museum where political prisoners were once held, visitors lauded Taiwan’s democracy shaped by its own national identity on the island across from …
COVID-19 tracker: Tokyo’s new cases stay flat from week before
The number of severe cases under Tokyo’s criteria rose by one form Sunday to six , while one death linked to the virus was reported …

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Fender amps up Japan presence with high-end retail strategy
The guitar-maker is emphasizing its long-standing connections to Japan with a flagship store in Harajuku, its first ever, as it seeks to appeal to both …
Accounting for casino capitalism
Mark-to-market accounting standards turned the banking system into a playground for gamblers, fueling instability while adding little economic value.
Traditional Japanese homes are the focus of weekend-long Minka Summit
Amid a movement toward sustainable living, old Japanese farmhouses are getting a second look from the non-Japanese population.
Overlooked Takayuki Kato continues to make noise for Fighters
Takayuki Kato has quietly been one of the most effective pitchers in NPB.
Another COVID-like pandemic could hit the world within 10 years
There’s a 27.5% chance a pandemic as deadly as COVID-19 could take place in the next decade, with rapid vaccine rollout key to reducing fatalities, …
Osaka hits the jackpot in bid to become Japan’s first casino resort
The Osaka resort will consist of hotels, shops and a convention center to go along with the casino, and about 20 million people a year …

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