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What happens to crypto now?

April 15, 2023



It has definitely been the year from hell for crypto. It begs a lot of questions about what the future of the industry holds.


Is blockchain technology still as transformational as many once thought it was? What (if any) companies and use cases are real and lasting? And what does it mean for the future of finance and tech?


Fortune set out to find the green shoots in the rubble with our inaugural Crypto 40 list. It’s the first authoritative list based on empirical data as well as a survey of over 200 finance executives.


Jeff John Roberts, our crypto editor who oversaw the list, explained the methodology and findings in his newsletter earlier this week:

When we set out, the plan was to replicate the Fortune 500—our flagship list that ranks the biggest U.S. companies by revenue. It quickly became clear that this would be impractical, since few big players in crypto are public companies, and, of those that are, few break out their crypto-specific revenue. We also discovered that it’s not viable to compare the crypto achievements of Fidelity (which ranks No. 4 in the TradFi category) to Chainalysis (No. 1, Data) to a decentralized platform like Curve (No. 5, DeFi). And so we set out to create distinct categories that would permit apples-to-apples comparisons, and a methodology for each. Hundreds of hours later, the list is now live, and I’m proud to say it’s the first of its kind.


In some cases, this resulted in predictable outcomes—few people will be surprised to see Uniswap (No. 1, DeFi) and OpenSea (No. 1, NFTs) leading their respective categories—but also some notable omissions. Ripple and MasterCard got edged out, while financial troubles at other big players like DCG and Gemini resulted in reputational hits that kept them off this year’s list. There are also some controversial names on the list, most notably Binance (No. 2, CeFi), which fared poorly in the survey but whose other metrics were dominating, as well as JPMorgan Chase (No. 3, TradFi), whose CEO professes a hatred of crypto but has also overseen some truly innovative blockchain projects.

Read our complete Crypto 40 below.


Introducing Fortune’s Crypto 40: Blockchain businesses built to last


April 10, 2023

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Introducing Fortune’s inaugural Crypto 40 list
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