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Long Covid revolutionaries, a magazine for the Black left, betrayed trans athletes, and more

April 14, 2023
“People who have developed long Covid in the past two years face an intimidating slew of online information and misinformation on the disease,” write Fiona Lowenstein and Ryan Prior.

For our most recent issue, Lowenstein and Prior, an editor and author of books about long Covid, highlight the millions of dollars missing from research into myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS), an infection-associated complex chronic illness.

While ME/CFS sufferers have been asking for research into their disease since 2016, Covid-19 has put the problem into relief, as the majority of people with ME/CFS today are also Covid-19 long-haulers. “Ultimately,” Lowenstein and Prior say, “the long Covid advocacy movement’s ability to address these systemic issues will determine its success.”

The Long Covid Revolution
Millions of American adults are impaired by long Covid. They have a vision for what our society owes to chronically ill and disabled people.
Fiona Lowenstein, Ryan Prior
This New Magazine Aims to Be a Home for the Black Left
The thousands who were mobilized by George Floyd’s murder need a place to debate strategy and stay engaged. Hammer & Hope wants to be just that.
Dani McClain
Joe Biden Has Betrayed Trans Student Athletes
The administration’s new Title IX rules allow for discrimination against trans student athletes—and buy into some of the worst anti-trans talking points.
Frankie de la Cretaz
A Conservative Christian Judge Rules Against Medication Abortion. How Hard Will Democrats Fight Back?
Debate has erupted over how the Biden administration, blue states, and the abortion-rights movement should respond to this unprecedented decision.
Amy Littlefield
The End of the Music Business
A century of recorded music has culminated in the infinite archive of streaming platforms. But is it really better for listeners?
Ethan Iverson
Elie Mystal, Joan Walsh, and Chris Lehmann on Trump and His 34 Felonies
On this episode of Start Making Sense, we feature highlights of The Nation’s roundtable on Trump’s arraignment, plus the story of SOLA, the School of Leadership Afghanistan.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense
The Abortion Battle Rages in the Courts
Moira Donegan on how the mifepristone ban and the future of reproductive freedom.
Jeet Heer

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