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4/14/23: Krystal Reacts To Leaker Arrest, Jen Psaki Insists She’s A Real Journalist, VA Teacher Shot By Student, Krystal and Kyle Interview Norman Finkelstein

This week Krystal reacts in the moment to the Pentagon leaker being arrested, Jen Psaki makes the argument that she’s a real journalist, a Teacher recovers from being shot by her 6 year old student, and Krystal and Kyle do a full length interview with writer and American political activist Norman Finkelstein on a range of topics.

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Intro: 0:00 Ukraine Leaker Arrested: 00:13 Psaki Argues She’s A Real Journalist: 5:28 VA Teacher Shot By 6yr Old Student: 8:41 KKF Interview with Norman Finkelstein: 14:42

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