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4/13/23: Media Hunts Down Pentagon Leaker, Ro Khanna Tells Feinstein To Resign, US Boots On Ground In Ukraine, Tim Scott Speechless On Trump, Fox News Rebuked In Defamation Trial, Elon Fights With BBC, NPR Leaves Twitter, Biden’s Insane Electric Car Rules, Cancer Drug Shortage, Exposing Disinformation Industrial Complex

Krystal and Saagar discuss Ro Khanna telling Dianne Feinstein to resign, the Media hunting down the Pentagon leaker for the FBI, the Pentagon planning widespread spying on Chat Rooms after the leak, US Boots on ground confirmed in Ukraine, Russia’s terrifying new draft law, Tim Scott speechless when asked how he will beat Trump in the republican primary, a report that Trump is not ruling out running in 2028, Fox News rebuked by a judge in Defamation Trial, Elon humiliates a BBC reporter who claims he’s seen more hate speech on Twitter since Elon’s takeover, NPR and PBS leave Twitter over Elon’s State Funding label, Saagar looks into Biden’s insane requirement for the majority of Electric Cars in 9 years, Krystal looks into the dire Cancer drug shortage forcing Death Panels, and guest Jacob Siegel (@Jacob__Siegel) joins us to talk about his new piece in Tablet on the Disinformation Industrial Complex.

Timestamps: Intro: 0:00 Dianne Feinstein: 2:18 Media HUNTS DOWN Pentagon Leaker For FBI: 9:04 Pentagon Plans WIDESPREAD Spying On Chat Rooms After Leak: 27:45 US Boots On Ground CONFIRMED In Ukraine: 32:48 Russia’s TERRIFYING New Draft Law: 38:16 Tim Scott SPEECHLESS ON Trump Criticism: 43:34 REPORT: Trump Not Ruling 2028 Run: 51:28 Fox News REBUKED By Judge In Defamation Trial : 56:46 Elon HUMILIATES BBC Reporter: ‘You Just Lied’: 1:08:01 NPR, PBS LEAVE TWITTER Of Elon State Funding Label: 1:17:02 Biden’s INSANE Requirement For Majority Electric Cars In 9 Years: 1:19:59 Dire Cancer Drug Shortage Forces DEATH PANELS: 1:29:26 Jacob Siegel on the Disinformation Industrial Complex: 1:39:29 EoS: 1:51:26

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