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4/12/23: Trump Interviewed By Tucker, Nikki Haley Slams Trump, Tim Scott Joins Race, Elon Leaks Texts With Taibbi, Inflation, Government Censorship Tools for Social Media, Biden’s Title IX Rule, Rashida Tlaib Defends Assange, Marianne Williamson TikTok 2024

Ryan and Emily discuss the new interview between Trump and Tucker Carlson where they cover topics like his indictment, his meetings with Putin, hints that the US blew up the Nordstream pipeline, America’s real enemy being within, and more, Nikki Haley slams Trump, Tim Scott joins the race, Elon leaks texts between him and Matt Taibbi in Substack fight, new numbers come in on Inflation, the government working with social media companies to create new tools for censorship, Biden’s new Title IX ruling for athletics, Rashida Tlaib penning a letter demanding freedom for Julian Assange, and we’re joined by Marianne Williamson to talk about her campaign gaining traction with the youth on TikTok.

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Timestamps Intro: 0:00 Trump on Tucker: 1:32 Nikki Haley Slams Trump: 15:14 Tim Scott Joins Race: 24:03 Elon Leaks Texts in Taibbi Substack Fight: 32:25 New Inflation Numbers: 48:50 Gov Censorship Tools For Social Media: 1:00:39 Emily on Biden’s Title IX Rule: 1:08:07 Ryan on Rashida Tlaib Demanding Assange Freedom: 1:21:33 Marianne Williamson Tik Tok Interview: 1:30:34 EoS: 1:51:02

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