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4/11/23: Krystal and Saagar EXCLUSIVE Zelensky Sought To Bomb Russia, 5G Threatens Military Satellites, Ukraine Looks To India, DeSantis Abortion Ban, Biden 2024 Announcement, Justice Clarence Thomas, Biden’s Tik Tok Influencers, US Lab Leak, Thomas Sadoski On Yemen Genocide

Krystal and Saagar discuss exclusive reporting from leaked documents we uncovered that purport to show Zelensky Seeking To Bomb Russia, 5G communications threatening military and commercial satellites, the Pentagon Witch Hunt for the Document Leaker, the US humiliated as Ukraine looks to India’s Modi for Peace Deal, Desantis Allies warning that the Abortion Ban could backfire on him, Biden makes an incomprehensible announcement on his 2024 campaign, SCOTUS Clarence Thomas caught hiding decades of billionaire gifts, Krystal looks into Biden’s desperate Tik Tok Influencer scheme, Saagar looks into Covid, Ebola, Lyme Disease and How US Labs are dangerous to everyone, and we’re joined by Newsroom Actor Thomas Sadoski who calls out US silence on the genocide in Yemen.

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Timestamps: Intro: 0:00 Zelensky Long Range Missiles: 01:26 5G Military Satellites: 06:36 Pentagon Hunting The Leaker:17:04 Ukraine Looks To India For Peace: 33:14 Desantis Allies Warn Abortion Ban: 41:45 Biden’s Incomprehensible 2024 Announcement: 58:55 SCOTUS Justice Thomas CAUGHT Hiding Billionaire Gifts:1:04:40 Krystal on Biden’s DESPERATE TikTok Influencer Scheme: 1:15:31 Saagar on US Labs DANGEROUS To Us All: 1:22:17 Newsroom Actor CALLS OUT Silence On Yemen Genocide: 1:32:28 EoS: 1:47:27

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