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4/10/23: Leaked Ukraine War Docs, China’s Red Lines On Ukraine, Mossad Behind Israel Protests, Pentagon Censors Leaks, Elon Vs Substack, Texas BLM Shooter, Laura Loomer Vs MTG, Jon Stewart Destroys Pentagon Official, Abortion Pill

Krystal and Saagar discuss a massive trove of leaked documents released to us that show inner details on Ukraine War, China’s Red Lines on the Ukraine War, and how Mossad worked to foment the protests in Israel, the Pentagon racing to censor the leaks, Elon declaring war on SubStack and Matt Taibbi by removing Substack links from Twitter, did the Texas BLM Shooter act in self defense, Laura Loomer and Marjorie Taylor Greene battle for Trump’s affection, Saagar looks into how Jon Stewart destroys a Pentagon official on their Failed Audits, and Krystal looks into how the Abortion Pill question melts a Republican Rep’s brains.

Timestamps: Intro: 0:00 Leaked Ukraine War Docs: 1:16 Leaked China’s Red Lines on Ukraine War: 23:56 Mossad Encourages Israel Protests: 33:38 Pentagon Censors Leaked Docs: 46:13 Elon Declares War on Substack/Taibbi: 59:09 Texas BLM Shooter: 1:13:00 Laura Loomer VS MTG on Trump’s Affections: 1:28:25 Saagar on Jon Stewart Nuking Pentagon Official on Audits: 1:35:52 Krystal on Abortion Pills: 1:43:26 EoS: 1:55:30

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