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A Few Clarifications

I’ve been caught up in a feud between companies, and some things have been said. Just to clarify:

I’ve never been a Substack employee. I have my own company, but I’m employed by subscribers. I have some loyalty to Substack, a company that’s always treated me well, and whose original Substack Pro offer made it possible for a person with kids like me to leave mainstream journalism.

One of the things that attracted me to Substack was that it was as close to censor-proof a platform as could be found. The distribution system, e-mail, isn’t governed by one actor (though Google’s gmail size limit is an example of a kind of limiting factor). Management could be a weak point, but Chris Best, Hamish McKenzie, Jairaj Sethi, and others have repeatedly shown a disinclination to get involved with content decisions. Some calls have been difficult, and I’m glad they take them seriously.

After last night I was going to write a few hundred words on Why ‘Seven Samurai’ is the Greatest Action Movie of All Time this morning, but that will have to wait. In any case, back to my kids — talk to you all soon.


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