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The Dangerous Weak Link in the US Food Chain

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The Dangerous Weak Link in the US Food Chain

Eric Geller

Without an information sharing and analysis center, the country’s food and agriculture sector is uniquely vulnerable to hackers.


One City’s Escape Plan From Rising Seas

Susan Crawford

For residents of the historic South Carolina city, the best solution to the coming storm may be to leave their homes behind.


This Student Is Taking On ‘Biased’ Exam Software

Morgan Meaker

Mandatory face-recognition tools have repeatedly failed to identify people with darker skin tones. One Dutch student is fighting to end their use.


AI Video Generators Are Nearing a Crucial Tipping Point

Will Knight

Video memes made with algorithms are suddenly everywhere. Their sudden proliferation may herald an imminent explosion in the technology’s capability.


It’s Way Too Easy to Get Google’s Bard Chatbot to Lie

Vittoria Elliott

The company’s policy bars use of the AI chatbot to “misinform.” A study found that it readily spouted untruths on topics from Covid-19 to the war in Ukraine.


AI Desperately Needs Global Oversight

Rumman Chowdhury

As ChatGPT and its ilk continue to spread, countries need an independent board to hold AI companies accountable and limit harms.





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