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RFK Jr.’s presidential bid, St. Clair Bourne’s cinema, trans rights for Democrats, and more

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April 7, 2023
“The Kennedy name may not be so politically potent as it once was. But it still resonates in some Democratic circles,” John Nichols, national affairs correspondent, writes this week. Will that be enough to get Robert Kennedy Jr., a vaccine skeptic, on the ballot?

Despite his red flags, Nichols thinks “Kennedy is very likely to be the most prominent [candidate] of the ‘multiple others.’” And his candidacy, strewn with “many real and potential liabilities,” will likely rest on the state of New Hampshire.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Bets on New Hampshire to Boost a Very Unlikely Presidential Bid
The vaccine skeptic thinks a Granite State strategy will jump-start a long-shot primary challenge to President Biden.
John Nichols
St. Clair Bourne’s Cinema of Solidarity
The Black and the Green, which follows Black American activists who travel to Northern Ireland to learn from Irish allies, documents the necessary messiness of political organizing
Yasmina Price
Democrats Can Win on Trans Issues—but Only if They Fight
Though culture war bigotry loses at the ballot box, centrist Democrats have been too quick to surrender.
Jeet Heer
Everyone Deserves Grandeur
A new performing arts center in New York’s Financial District demonstrates the problem with the city’s beautiful, expensive buildings.
Marianela D’Aprile
The Long History of Presidents Getting a Pass
Ford’s pardon of Nixon set a precedent for Executive Branch impunity—and Trump has picked it up and run with it.
Chris Lehmann
John Nichols on Progressive Victories and Chris Lehmann on Trump’s Indictment
On this episode of the Start Making Sense podcast: How abortion wins elections, and how 34 felonies may not change anybody’s mind about Trump.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense
Two Cheers for Arresting Trump
On this episode of The Time of Monsters, Elie Mystal discusses Trump’s legal status and why we should be clear-eyed about how far the court case can go.
Jeet Heer

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