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4/7/23: Medhi Hasan Debates Matt Taibbi, Ukraine War Plans Leak, Blackrock Paris Stormed By Protests, TN Dems Expelled, RFK Jr, Taiwan Mccarthy, China Saudi Arabia, Trump Indictment

Ryan and Emily discuss the confrontation between Mehdi Hasan and Matt Taibbi over The Twitter Files, Ukraine War plans leaking over social media, Blackrock Paris is stormed by French protestors, Tennessee Democrats expelled from House for participating in gun control protests, RFK Jr announces his run for presidency in Dem primary, Kevin McCarthy hosting the president of Taiwan showing the strain in US/China relations, China mediating a Saudi Iran deal, and Eliza Orlins joins the show to discuss her recent piece on why the Trump indictment is bad for US democracy.

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Timestamps: Intro: 0:00 Taibbi Vs Hasan: 2:36 Ukraine War Plans Leak: 11:55 French Protestors Storm Blackrock: 19:24 TN Dems Expelled: 26:12 RFK Jr Runs For President: 39:21 Taiwan Kevin McCarthy: 49:18 China Mediates Saudi Iran Deal: 58:23 Eliza Orlins on Trump Indictment Bad For Democracy:1:08:49 EoS: 1:26:07

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