Tsai and McCarthy vow closer U.S.-Taiwan ties, despite China’s ire

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Tsai and McCarthy vow closer U.S.-Taiwan ties, despite China’s ire
Washington and Taipei seem keen to deepen ties and normalize high-level bilateral interactions despite threats of retaliation and scathing criticism from China.
SDF chopper goes missing near Okinawa with multiple members aboard
The UH60 chopper, carrying several SDF members, disappeared from the GSDF’s radar at around 4:30 p.m., sources said.
Excess deaths doubled in Japan in 2022 — COVID-19 may be to blame
Despite being less pathogenic than previous coronavirus variants, omicron hit Japan’s elderly population particularly hard last year.
Japanese author and animal researcher ‘Mutsugoro’ dies at 87
Masanori Hata became well known among TV audiences for his displays of affection toward animals, even once gently patting a lion that had bitten his …
‘A new starting point’: EU and Chinese leaders meet in Beijing
French President Emmanuel Macron has said Europe must resist reducing ties with China and reject what some have cast as an “inescapable spiral” of tension …
COVID tracker: Tokyo reports 1,109 new cases, with trend rising
On Wednesday, the daily number of new cases nationwide came to 9,520, in an increase of about 1,200 from a week earlier.

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BOJ’s Kuroda hands $11.7 trillion ‘shock and awe’ experiment to his successor
In 10 years, the BOJ forked out ¥1.55 quadrillion ($11.7 trillion) on bonds, stock funds and corporate debt. The staggering cost has economists asking: “Was …
The Japan-Philippine-U.S. trilateral alliance in the making
The emergence of new trilateral security groupings in the Indo-Pacific region has been driven by a combination of factors including an aggressive China.
‘From the End of the World’: An unlikely teen dream savior
Lead actor Aoi Ito lends believable vulnerability to Kazuaki Kiriya’s patchwork swansong about a young girl with the ability to avert an impending apocalypse in …
Roki Sasaki strikes out 11 to help Marines sweep past Fighters
Sasaki was pitching for the first time this season after helping Samurai Japan win the World Baseball Classic in March.
First woman and Black astronaut to make 2024 flight around moon
The three Americans and one Canadian will become the first astronauts to venture that deep into space since the historic Apollo missions ended in 1972.

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