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4/6/23: Maddow Refuses To Broadcast Trump Live, Petrodollar Collapsing, Ukraine Open To Negotiations, West Admits Nordstream Coverup, Trump Major Cash Flow, NPR Labeled US State Media, Don Lemon’s Psycho Behavior, Feds Inside Proud Boys, Millions Flee Coastal Cities, New Chicago Mayor

Krystal and Saagar discuss Rachel Maddow refusing to broadcast Trump’s speech live, the Petrodollar collapsing with new China deals, Ukraine open to negotiating with Russia, the West admitting the Nordstream bombing coverup, Russia’s dire warning after Finland officially joins NATO, Trump swamping the competition in fundraising dollars, Twitter labeling NPR “US State affiliated media”, Don Lemon’s psycho sexist behavior, Krystal looks into how dozens of Feds were found inside the Proud Boys, Saagar looks into millions fleeing California and New York for cities like Texas, Florida, and Arizona, and we’re joined by local Chicago politics buff Frank Calabrese to talk about how Leftist Pro Union candidate Brandon Johnson was able to beat a Pro Cop candidate in the Chicago mayoral race.

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Timestamps: Intro: 0:00 Maddow Refuses to Broadcast Trump: 2:05 Petrodollar Collapsing: 14:31 Ukraine Open to Negotiations: 27:36 West Admits Nordstream Bombing Coverup: 37:37 Russia’s Dire Warning After Finland Joins NATO: 42:40 Trump Swamps Contenders In Dollars: 51:31 Twitter Labels NPR “US State Affiliated Media”: 58:32 Don Lemon’s Pyscho Behavior: 1:06:42 Krystal on Feds Found Inside Proud Boys: 1:13:42 Saagar on Millions Flee Coastal Cities: 1:21:21 Frank Calabrese on Chicago Mayoral Race 1:30:49 EoS: 1:41:20

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