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They’re Keeping the System on Life Support Until They Can Bring in CBDCs

Iain Davis: They’re Keeping the System on Life Support Until They Can Bring in CBDCs

Iain Davis discusses the global governance policies that are set regardless of who occupies any office and how we are steadily moving forward on their trajectory. Accelerationists like Peter Thiel are leading the way in building the new utopia/dystopia. The U.S. financial system is insolvent and they’re keeping it on life support until they bring CBDCs online. The key to CBDCs is their interoperability and instant international settlement. Everything (e.g. pandemic, war) is leading up to this transition of the international monetary system. We have never faced a control system as all-pervasive and totalitarian in scope as what is coming. We also discuss multipolarity.

ANALYSIS: What is Behind Lukashenko’s WW3 Rhetoric?

Ukraine and the West are unlikely to take Lukashenko’s message seriously. Moreover, there are indications that the European Union could eventually get directly involved in the Ukraine war.

ANALYSIS: Will More Countries Follow El Salvador in Questioning the US’s Commitment to Democracy?

As the US grows more despotic at home, it will lose its ability to credibly claim it’s a champion of human rights. More nations like El Salvador will start openly criticizing the US and look to alternatives.

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