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4/3/23: Trump’s Lead Explodes Post Indictment, Anti-Trumper Enters 2024, Marianne Williamson Polls Surge, Pro-Russian Blogger Blown Up, Fox News Faces Massive Payout, Elon Strips NY Times of Checkmark, Meme Lord Convicted, Biden Kills Healthcare For Millions

Krystal and Saagar discuss Trump’s lead over Desantis exploding after the indictment news, Trump en route to NYC for surrender, Asa Hutchinson enters the 2024 GOP primary race, Marianne Williamson has a surge poll despite media blackout, a Pro-Russian blogger is blown up by a bomb in St. Petersburg, Fox News on Trial facing a 1.6 billion payout, Elon Musk strips the New York Times of their Blue Checkmark, Saagar looks into how Douglas Mackey an Anti-Hillary Meme Lord was just convicted by the Biden administration, and Krystal looks into Biden letting 15 million people lose their healthcare.

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Timestamps: Intro: 0:00 Trump’s Lead Over Desantis Explodes: 3:39 Trump En Route to NYC for Surrender: 16:25 Asa Hutchinson Enters GOP Race: 27:08 Marianne Williamson has Surge Poll: 32:28 Pro Russian Blogger Blown Up: 37:37 Fox News Faces 1.6 Billion Payout: 45:02 Elon Strips NYTimes of Blue Checkmark: 54:32 Saagar on Douglas Mackey Meme Lord Conviction: 1:03:42 Krystal on Biden Letting 15 Million People Lose Healthcare: 1:10:52 EoS: 1:21:36

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