An Anarchy Worth Having | Non Serviam Podcast #31 with William Gillis

For the 31st episode of the Non Serviam Podcast, we spoke with William Gillis about an anarchy worth having. It’s hardly controversial to point out that some proposals made by anarchists for post-state coordination suffer from similar issues proposed by non-anarchist opponents of the status quo. In this episode, we explore how said schemes tend to cause unfreedom through the suppression of complexity, or through the total bureaucratization of human life. As a solution, Will promotes distributed, fluid networks of trade in a world beyond the trappings of patchwork or endless meetings. What’s a meaningful way to distinguish between centralization and decentralization? What are some examples of distributed efforts expanding freedom? To what extent would New Municipalist or Ostromite common resource management strategies be utilized within anarchy? We explore all these questions and more with piercing critiques, in this exciting conversation with William Gillis.

William Gillis is a second generation anarchist, lapsed physicist, and transhumanist, who is interested in exploring the roots of things and expanding degrees of freedom. Introduced to the ideas of anarchy at age five and organizing by age thirteen, Will has gone on to become a prolific writer and political theorist who has undoubtedly made a mark in anarchist history. William is the former Lead Coordinator at C4SS who identifies most with Voltairine de Cleyre’s “steal bread for the hungry” style of market anarchism. Will’s writings can be found at C4SS Dot Org and Human Iterations Dot Net.

Will participated in a video interview with Non Serviam back in 2016 (   • William Gillis on…  ) and has appeared as a headlining speaker at one of our in-person events in 2018 (   • Market & Post-Lef…  ). Will suggested listeners donate to the project’s linked below (instead on Will’s Patreon): https://onsiteinfoshopphilippines.wor……… Will’s Website: Will’s Twitter: Relevant Articles & Links:…

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