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Trump’s indictment, Israeli protesters, Harriet Tubman on the twenty, and more

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March 31, 2023
Donald Trump has officially been indicted. Now what?

Elie Mystal says we should hold our horses. “It’s not 2020 or 2021, and this is not in federal court. We are in the year 2023, and a local DA is trying to gather up some bits of the jurisdictional authority federal prosecutors left lying on the ground,” he writes in his latest piece on the news.

“If you’re looking for silver linings, comfort yourself in the knowledge that if Trump has to pay a fine, he will likely steal the money from his campaign funds, lie in official records to disguise the payment, and start the criminal wheel turning again.”

Donald Trump Has Been Indicted. Don’t Get Your Hopes Up.
This is the first real attempt to hold Trump legally accountable for any of his many alleged crimes. But the odds of securing real justice seem very long.
Elie Mystal
Israeli Protesters Say They’re Defending Freedom. Palestinians Know Better.
The judiciary that protesters say protects their freedom is a key architect of the apartheid regime that has stolen so much freedom from Palestinians.
Mohammed El-Kurd
What We’ll Be Celebrating When Harriet Tubman Appears on the Twenty-Dollar Bill
Constantly underestimated, Tubman risked her life and freedom to liberate others and was committed to building a political system that endowed women and people of color with the same rights as white men.
Clarence Lusane
Howard Schultz’s Union-Busting Paternalism
The former Starbucks CEO faced tough questions at a Senate hearing—and didn’t have much to say.
Chris Lehmann
Chicago’s Election Will Shape the Future of Public Safety in America
Paul Vallas promises that he’ll grow the police force. Brandon Johnson says that to build safety, he’ll “invest in people.” What does that mean, and what are voters choosing between?
Eric Reinhart
Why the NBA World Lost Its Joy
On this episode of the Edge of Sports podcast, Michael Lee joins the show to talk about this very strange NBA season.
Dave Zirin
Low-Paid Workers Strike and Win in LA and Minor League Baseball Players Get Organized
On this edition of the Start Making Sense podcast, Harold Meyerson talks about the LA school workers’ victory, and Kelley Candaele and Peter Drier report on the new Minor League Baseball Players’ Union.
Jon Wiener

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