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Principal who lost job for showing Michelangelo’s ‘David’ in class invited to see sculpture in Italy


People are loving Drew Barrymore’s live reaction to her first perimenopause hot flash

It feels safe to say that many, if not most people hail Drew Barrymore as the “Queen of Candid.” She can seemingly talk to absolutely anyone about anything in a way that’s consistently warm and authentic.

That even goes for when she experiences her first hot flash in front of a live television audience, apparently.

While speaking with guests Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler on her talk show, Barrymore abruptly appears flustered, fanning herself and removing her jacket.

Without missing a beat, she says, “I am so hot, I think I’m having my first perimenopause hot flashes.”

“Oh, I feel so honored!” Jennifer Aniston quips as she fixes Barrymore’s mic, which is a sweet moment in and of itself.

“I’m so sorry!” Barrymore continues, laughing through it all. “Do you feel this?!” she says, placing Aniston’s hand just below her neck. “Or maybe I’m just excited!”

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Principal who lost job for showing Michelangelo’s ‘David’ in class invited to see sculpture in Italy

Michelangelo’s renowned sculpture, David, is widely recognized as a symbol of the Renaissance and is among the most well-known artworks in history. It is the Biblical figure David’s representation, depicted as a nude male standing at a height of 17 ft and made of marble. It is a celebrated piece of art that attracts several tourists to Florence, Italy each year. However, a Florida charter school has recently been embroiled in a controversy over it. During a compulsory lesson on Renaissance art at the Classical School in Tallahassee, an image of the marble statue was displayed to sixth-grade pupils, resulting in several parents complaining that they were unaware of the image being shown in class, reported My Modern Met.

One parent went so far as to describe the iconic piece of art as “pornographic.” Consequently, the school principal, Hope Carrasquilla, was compelled to step down over the numerous complaints of the parents. However, the Italian art experts were completely shocked by such a reaction to the iconic statue and an essential piece of history. The story has gained widespread attention both in the United States and Italy. The sculpture of David is currently exhibited at the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence. The mayor of the city, Dario Nardella, has invited the former principal of the school to visit and see the artwork in person. He also said, “To confuse art with pornography is simply ridiculous.”

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Ellie the Golden Retriever has gone viral with her adorable mastering of hide-and-seek

Dogs can sometimes act like doofuses, whether it’s eating a sock and doing the poop of shame later or trying to pretend they didn’t rifle through the trash while sitting in front of the evidence. Dogs are also pretty smart and hilariously entertaining, especially when you teach them a fun trick, which makes up for their brief lapses in judgment.

A Golden Retriever named Ellie has learned one of the cutest tricks yet: hide-and-seek. In a video posted by The Dodo on Facebook Watch, you see Ellie’s parents finding difficult places to hide. And by difficult, I mean opening up the couch storage area and climbing inside to see if the dog’s nose can sniff them out.

Ellie’s way too smart for their shenanigans and continuously finds each hiding place within seconds. But it’s unclear if she’s finding her parents or if she’s just searching for her favorite toy.

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Therapist is creating a stir arguing that parents who fight create a toxic home for children

Whitney Goodman, a licensed marriage and family therapist, shared a video about kids who grew up in homes where their parents were always fighting, which made many people feel seen. It also started a conversation about who deserves more empathy in the parent-child relationship: the parents or the children.

Goodman is known as the “radically honest” psychotherapist and the author of “Toxic Positivity: Keeping it Real in a World Obsessed with Being Happy.”

“If you grew up in this kind of house, you may have noticed that your family would split off into different alliances or teams to try to manage the material discord. Because the marriage wasn’t a good or safe foundation for the family, everybody else had to kind of go and form these new teams,” Goodman explained in an Instagram post.

“Maybe you and your dad would team up and talk bad about your mom—and mom was crazy, and we need to fight against her. And maybe your other sibling was teamed up with your mom and would start acting like her and started to behave in similar ways, and everybody was, like, trying to find stability but also out to get one another at the same time,” she continued.

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Designer reimagining thrift store displays to show secondhand clothing is ‘just as stylish’

Ellie Rose had been walking by the window display of a nearby charity shop (a non-profit thrift store ala Goodwill or Salvation Army) in England when she was struck by an idea: Maybe they could use a “bit of help styling” in order to attract customers.

As a sustainable fashion influencer, the 22-year-old felt like she could infuse her knowledge of today’s trends into the mannequin outfits, hopefully showing people that “buying secondhand can be just as stylish as buying new.”

Rose reached out to several different stores offering to help for free, and many accepted. A viral clip posted to her TikTok shows how she worked her fashion magic to give the mannequins a complete makeover. Spoiler alert—it’s a complete 180.

The process started with careful planning. In the video, Rose shared how she and her friend Scarlett made a Pinterest board full of inspiration and research based on 2023 trends, mostly in an effort to “pull a younger crowd into charity shops.”

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