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Thomas Massie Pushes Back Against the Biden Regime’s Massive Gun Grab, and more

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Thomas Massie Pushes Back Against the Biden Regime’s Massive Gun Grab

After President Joe Biden issued an executive order on background checks on March 14, 2023 Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie firmly responded by noting that the president is advocating for gun control measures that have already failed. The Biden…

Mar 28, 2023Big League Politics

Connecticut Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against 4 Companies Shipping Ghost Gun Parts to Connecticut

On March 7, 2023, Connecticut Attorney General William Tong filed a lawsuit against 4 firearms manufacturers — all based out of state — for shipping ghost gun parts to Connecticut. Per a report by Courant, Tong filed the civil lawsuit against two…

Mar 27, 2023Big League Politics

Argentina’s Inflation Rate Reached 100% in February

In February, Argentina’s annual inflation rate topped 100%, per figures from the country’s statistics agency that were released on March 14, 2023. According to a Reuters report, this is the first since Argentina’s hyperinflationary episode in 1991.…

Mar 27, 2023Big League Politics

Media Reports that over 100,000 Ukrainian Troops Have Been Killed In This Conflict

According to a Politico report published earlier this month, north of 100,000 Ukrainian troops, which includes experienced troops, have perished ever since Russia launched its “special military operation” in Ukraine. Russian-state media outlet TASS…

Mar 27, 2023Big League Politics

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