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3/29/23: Chris Christie Insists He Can Beat Trump, Is TikTok Ban A New Patriot Act, Steven Donzinger Denied By Supreme Court, SBF Caught Bribing China, Serial Podcast Murder Conviction Reopened, Stephanie Ruhle’s Media Grifts, Elon Musk Indian Gov Censorship, Ebola Lab Leak

Ryan and Emily discuss Chris Christie insisting he can beat Trump in 2024, Jon Stewart denies Trump arrest will make him a martyr, is the Tik Tok ban in congress “The Restrict Act” looking like the new Patriot Act, the Supreme Court declining to hear Steven Donzinger’s challenge to his criminal contempt conviction, the U.S. charging FTX’s SBF with bribing China 40 million dollars, a Maryland court reinstates Adnan Syed’s, the subject of the “Serial” podcast, murder conviction, Emily looks into how mainstream media’s Stephanie Ruhle abused her platform for her relations with Under Armour and Plank, how Elon Musk is teaming with the Indian Government Censorship, and we’re joined by Chernoh Bah a whistleblower on the potential outbreak of Ebola from a Lab Leak.

Intro: 0:00 Chris Christie Says He Can Beat Trump: 2:06 Jon Stewart Denies Trump Arrest Martyr: 11:08 Is TikTok Ban the New Patriot Act?: 15:45 Donzinger Denied By Supreme Court: 28:00 US Charges SBF for China Bribe: 35:30 Adnan Syed Serial Murder Conviction Reopened: 39:39 Emily on Stephanie Ruhle Grifter: 43:58 Ryan on Elon Musk Teaming w/ Indian Gov on Censorship: 52:46 Chernoh Bah on Ebola Lab Leak Potential: 1:02:24 EoS: 1:25:53

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