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3/28/23: Trans Suspect Behind Christian Mass Shooting, Netanyahu Caves to Protests, Peter Beinart on Israeli Hypocrisy, Top SVB Accounts 13 Billion, American Patriotism Plummets, IRS Targets Matt Taibbi, US Military Shortages, Binance Sued

Krystal and Saagar discuss a Trans suspect behind the Christian Mass School Shooting, Netanyahu caves after Israeli protests erupt, Peter Beinart joins the show to discuss Palestinians seeing hypocrisy behind Israeli protests, the top SVB accounts had 13 Billion in cash, Trump trashes SVB Bank bailout, American patriotism plummets, IRS targets Matt Taibbi on the day of his testimony, Elon fully Paywalls New Twitter, Saagar looks into the massive US military shortages after Ukraine Aide, and Krystal looks into Binance crypto being sued.

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Intro: 0:00 Nashville Shooting: 1:59 Israel Protests Erupt: 11:49 Peter Beinart Interview on Israel Hypocrisy: 22:26 Top SVB Accounts Had 12 Billion: 33:11 Trump Trashes SVB bailout: 44:02 American Patriotism Plummets: 48:11 IRS Targets Matt Taibbi: 1:00:37 Elon Paywalls New Twitter: 1:07:26 Saagar on US Military Shortages: 1:14:10 Krystal on Binance Crypto Sued: 1:24:39 EoS: 1:38:15

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