The Surreal Post-Trump Embrace of Mark Milley

By Michael Schaffer

Earlier this month, when the digital-media startup Puck celebrated its first anniversary with a bustling party at the French ambassador’s residence, the journalist-heavy throng in the Kalorama mansion was saluted by an unlikely guest speaker: the top officer in the United States military, Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Mark A. Milley.

Officially, the event was a celebration of the First Amendment — the sort of gathering where you’d expect an address from a fight-the-power free-speech lawyer or a hell-raising investigative reporter, not a uniformed four-star general. But Milley’s lack of journalism credentials didn’t appear to bother many in the audience, who greeted him as a hero.

“Every single one of us in this country, the United States of America, has freedom of speech. We’ve got freedom of the press. We’ve got freedom of religion. We are free to assemble. We are free to protest against our government and redress any grievances,” Milley said, to cheers. “We in uniform are willing to die — to give our lives, our limbs, our eyesight, to ensure that that Constitution lives for the next generation.”

Photos snapped. Applause rang. Selfies were taken.

Milley had come to the soiree, according to his affable spokesman, Col. Dave Butler, because he was invited and saw an opportunity.

“I was invited to it and I heard it was a celebration of the First Amendment. In a non-D.C. political way, I thought he would really enjoy talking to a bunch of reporters about the constitution and the First Amendment, and he did,” Butler told me. “The reporters and the journalists that are part of democracy, as he says, could use hearing from the chairman of the joint chiefs just what we think of them.”


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  1. Isn’t it sad that Gen. Millet doesn’t believe NOR follow the WORDS -nor the history of his Country! He performed beautifully, however falsely, of his True Beliefs! He fought constantly w/ our Pres. Trump, who has tried valiantly, for years, to keep us out of wars! Millet needs to retire, live on his Pension(lol), while we, the people,, re-elect the true ‘peace-maker’ of the world! It has been known in Military circles ‘n top gov’t for years what Millet wants ,,,,

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