Rocky road to Toshiba deal raises doubts about a future comeback

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Rocky road to Toshiba deal raises doubts about a future comeback
The questions now are whether activist investors will accept the terms — and whether the firm can restore its former glory.
With U.S. trip, Taiwan leader may be aiming to temper China’s ire, ex-diplomat says
William Stanton, former head of the American Institute of Taiwan, says President Tsai Ing-wen may see visit as way of avoiding increased tensions with Beijing.
Conservatives in LDP take issue with gender identity clause in LGBT bill
The pushback against the bill’s reference to gender identity is seen presenting a new hurdle to passing the legislation.
Mayoral races in six major Japanese cities officially kick off
The mayoral elections, part of the first round of unified local polls next month, are set for April 9.
Who will take care of Italy’s older people? Robots, maybe.
The Western world’s oldest population is facing a crisis of caregivers. Some are looking for a little helping, plastic, hand.
An anxious Asia arms for a war it hopes to prevent
Doubts about both China and the United States are driving an arms race in the Indo-Pacific with echoes of World War II and new levels …

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Historic world title haul offers glimpse of Japan’s “post-Hanyu” era
Four days of thrilling and uplifting figure skating at last week’s world championships in Saitama saw host Japan assert its position as the sport’s dominant …
Haruo Nishio: ‘Thatched roofs tell a story of eternity’
The ancient craft of thatching is resisting the pressures of modernity thanks to artisans like Haruo Nishio, who connects to Japan’s historic roots by preserving …
Your Ramadan experience may take on new forms when living in Japan
As of 2022 there were just over 83,000 Indonesians residing in Japan according to government figures. Many have found new ways to practice their religion.
Jim Rion casts a keen eye on the spirit of Yamaguchi
Author, translator and certified sake professional Jim Rion puts people at the heart of sake production in his nonfiction debut, “Discovering Yamaguchi Sake.”
Kiribayama beats Daieisho in playoff to claim Spring Basho
The Mongolian sekiwake prevailed in their scheduled meeting to create a 12-3 deadlock in the title race and force the tiebreaking match.
Japan battles to persuade big brands to help with military expansion
A key part of Tokyo’s strategy hinges on persuading commercial firms that for decades have quietly armed the SDF to ramp up production.
Stolen valor: The U.S. volunteers in Ukraine who lie, waste and bicker
People who would not be allowed anywhere near the battlefield in a U.S.-led war are active on the Ukrainian front, with ready access to American …
Harry Potter studio park to open June in Tokyo, the first outside Britain
The Tokyo version will be the largest indoor Harry Potter attraction in the world, and visitors can expect to spend around four hours exploring.

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