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3/24/23: CNN Worst Ratings In 30 Years, Kamala World Salad, Signature Bank Fundraiser For Congressman, Adderal Shortage, Google AI Bard, Ebola Lab Leak, How Banks Created OverDraft Fees, TikTok Ban

This week we discuss CNN having the worst primetime ratings in over 30 years, Kamala has another “word salad” moment on Stephen Colbert, Signature Bank having a fundraiser for Congressman now investigating them, Matt Stoller on the National Adderal Shortage, Google releases an AI ChatGPT competitor called Bard, the history of the potential Ebola Lab Leak, How Banks Created Overdraft Fees, and Congress introducing a Tik Tok Ban.

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CNN Ratings: 00:00 Kamala: 2:58 Signature Fundraiser for Congress: 6:08 Stoller on Adderal Shortage: 10:55 Google AI Bard: 35:40 Ebola Lab Leak: 43:34 Spencer on Bank OverDraft Fees: 56:59 James Li on Tik Tok Ban: 1:05:38 To listen to Breaking Points as a podcast, check them out on Apple and Spotify Apple:… Spotify:… Merch: #news #politics #youtube

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