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3/23/23: Trump Plans Perp Walk, DeSantis Polls Sink, Fed Risks Bank Failure, Market Chaos Over Yellen Incompetence, Putin and Xi Pledge New World Order, Rolling Stone Covers For Alleged Pedo, Biden Prosecutes Anti Hillary Poster, Vivek’s Fake Anti-Elitism, WACO Survivor David Thibodeau

Krystal and Saagar discuss Trump planning a big show around his potential arrest, Desantis sinking in polls after Trump attacks, MAGA declares war on Desantis, Fed risks bank failure with Rate Hikes, Markets in chaos over Yellen and Powell Incompetence, Putin and Xi meet and pledge a new bond between Russia and China, Rolling Stone covers for alleged Pedophile Reporter, Biden prosecutes anti-Hillary meme poster, Vivek’s fake anti-elitism exposed in Jordan Peterson interview, and Waco Survivor and author David Thibodeau joins us to talk about his personal experience in the Waco, Texas tragedy 30 years later.

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Intro: 0:00 Trump Plans Perp Walk: 2:44 Desantis Polls Sink: 15:38 MAGA Declares War on Desantis: 25:36 Fed Risks Bank Failure: 33:33 Market Chaos over Yellen/Powell: 41:43 Putin/Xi Pledge NWO: 46:47 Rolling Stone Covers For Pedo Reporter: 59:42 Saagar on Biden Prosecution of Meme Poster: 1:06:54 Krystal on Vivek Ramaswamy’s Fake Anti-Elitism: 1:14:58 David Thibodeau on Surviving Waco Tragedy: 1:30:51 EoS: 1:48:48

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