‘What YouTube Hustlers Can Teach Us About AI,’

— Jebediah Reed, editor, Intelligencer

How artificial intelligence will — and will not — change our lives has suddenly become a constant subject of conversation and nervous speculation. Today, Intelligencer tech columnist John Herrman takes a look at the world of YouTube hustle evangelists (“You deserve to get rich! And if you follow my plan, it will be easy!”) as a case study of enthusiastic early adopters of AI products. These ethically challenged go-getters are promising that if you embrace the bots and put them to work for you, prosperity will soon follow (but act fast, before the normies catch on!). Herrman highlights, among other examples, the viral experiment of designer Jackson Greathouse Fall, who is letting GTP-4 guide him on how to build a successful company with only $100. Fall’s new company is a success of sorts — but for recognizable reasons. The hustlers might not be unleashing a productivity revolution (yet, anyway), but they are doing a great job of highlighting the limitations and the big questions around this latest wave of consumer AI products.
What YouTube Hustlers Can Teach Us About AI These ethically challenged go-getters are bumping up against limits and questions that will soon feel familiar to everyone.
Photo-Illustration: Intelligencer; Photo: @SmartMoneyTactics/YouTube
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