Author is causing debate over theory that we’ve ‘tricked’ ourselves into loving lobster


Amanda Bynes is on a 72-hour hold: What that means and why fans are applauding her

It’s not a secret that celebrities are just like everyone else and sometimes struggle with mental health concerns. Amanda Bynes is no exception, and she has been quite open about her mental health struggles over the years. In 2013, Bynes was placed under conservatorship after a few mental health crises that put herself and others in danger.

Since the conservatorship was ended in 2021, Bynes has remained essentially out of public view and was scheduled to appear with her “All That” cast members at 90s Con. But recently, Bynes went in for a 72-hour psychiatric hold after experiencing a psychotic episode that led her to walking around downtown Los Angeles without any clothing. During a moment of clarity, the 36-year-old actress flagged down a car and called 911.

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Woman shares five things she wishes she had asked her late mother before her sudden passing

Losing a loved one is one of the most painful experiences anyone can go through. It can leave a void that seems impossible to fill and cause overwhelming emotions of grief, sadness and sometimes anger. Memories flood in, bringing both comfort and pain. Coping with the loss of someone you love is a deeply personal and individual journey, but it’s important to remember that you are not alone.

TikTok user Courtney Lopez Gervais lost her mother at the age of 50, leaving her with a constant longing for more time together. The suddenness of the loss also meant that Gervais was not able to prepare for life without her mother, and her children would miss out on the experience of growing up with their grandmother. Gervais has shared five things she wishes she had asked her mother while she was still alive. It serves as a reminder to start having these conversations with your loved ones before it’s too late.

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Author is causing debate over theory that we’ve ‘tricked’ ourselves into loving lobster

Novelist Jason K. Pargin has inspired an online food fight after his video about lobster received over 500,000 views on Tiktok and nearly 6 million on Twitter. Pargin believes that we’ve all been tricked into liking lobster and that people only like it because it’s considered high class.

Pargin is the author of the “John Dies at the End” and “Zoey Ashe” series and the former editor of

“I don’t think anyone actually enjoys eating lobster. I think they’ve just been convinced that it’s a high-class food for a really specific reason,” Pargin says in his controversial video. He then describes how just a few centuries ago lobster was once used as prisoners’ food and ground into fertilizer.

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This 1940s guide on ‘how to be pretty’ for teen girls has some surprisingly modern suggestions

Often, when we think of the 1940s and the messaging that was sent to women and girls back then, we tend to imagine lessons about how to get and keep a husband. But it turns out that all messaging wasn’t the same and some girls were receiving a much more progressive message about their appearance.

In a resurfaced video from the 1940s, Mary Stuyvesant, a Ponds beauty consultant, spoke to a group of high school girls about “how to be pretty.” Surprisingly, the advice is rather timeless and not at all focused on becoming the best wife and mother you can be, but on learning to care for yourself. Stuyvesant refers to your physical appearance as icing on a cake and that good icing tastes nice but the cake is the most important part.

She goes on to explain to the girls that who they are as people is the cake and that’s the part that needs the most attention.

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Taylor Swift wows fans by diving below the stage of her Eras Tour concert

The highly anticipated, Ticketmaster-busting Taylor Swift Eras Tour has officially begun. And it’s looking like the pop star is pulling out all the stops to deliver a heap of spectacle.

Case in point—a video from the “Anti-Hero” pop star’s kick-off concert that’s making quite the splash online.

In a mesmerizing blend of live performance and hologram wizardry, audiences saw Swift, clad in a flowy red dress, dive into a pool built into the stage. She then swam across to emerge through waves in a shimmery jumpsuit, just before climbing a ladder and disappearing into a cloud.

Basically, it was like a romantic fairy tale brought to life.

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