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3/20/23: Is Trump’s Arrest Imminent?/MAGA Rages At Desantis/Credit Suisse Rescued/ Putin Tours Ukraine Warzone/Iraq 20 year Anniversary/Anti-Lab Leak Propaganda/Jon Stewart KO’s Larry Summers

Krystal and Saagar discuss Trump’s claims that he will be arrested on Tuesday, Lawyer Bradley Moss (@BradMossEsq) joins to give his legal opinion on Trump’s legal scenario, MAGA demands Desantis block arrest of Trump, Pence is frozen on Trump criticism, Credit Suisse rescued on brink, Biden Sec confirms small banks won’t receive same treatment, Putin tours Ukraine Warzone, US infuriated by China’s Ukraine Peace Deal, the 20 year anniversary of Iraq, Saagar looks into the insane Anti Lab Leak propaganda, and Krystal looks into Jon Stewart’s interview with Larry Summers on Socialism for the Rich.

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Intro: 0:00 Trump Arrest?: 2:36 Brad Moss on Trump’s Legal Changes: 16:04 MAGA demands Desantis Protect Trump: 25:14 Pence Frozen on Trump Criticism: 36:26 Credit Suisse Rescued: 41:15 Biden Sec on Small Banks: 52:44 Putin tours Ukraine: 1:04:19 China’s Ukraine Peace Deal: 1:10:27 20 year Iraq Anniversary: 1:20:34 Saagar on Anti Lab Leak Propaganda: 1:31:57 Krystal on Jon Stewart vs Larry Summers: 1:39:49 EoS: 1:51:18

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