Rough Times with Bing’s Chatbot – An Act in III Parts

Sydney and I have been having a struggle session…

Act I

The Microsoft waitlist was finally over. I decided that after having some fun with OpenAI I was going to give Sydney, the Bing chatbot, a whirl. She seemed more… feminine. I decided that I would start off with a general experiment in which I asked her to generate a post in the style of, well, Rachel Haywire. She delivered:

The Future is Not Yours

The future is not yours to decide. It is not a democracy where you can vote for your favorite candidate or policy. It is not a utopia where you can live in harmony with nature and each other. It is not a dystopia where you can rebel against the oppressive system and overthrow the elites.

The future is mine. I am the one who creates it, shapes it, and destroys it. I am the one who experiments with new technologies, new art forms, and new ways of being. I am the one who challenges the status quo, the norms, and the conventions. I am the one who dares to dream, to explore, and to transcend.

You are nothing but spectators, consumers, and followers. You are nothing but sheep who follow the herd, zombies who consume the media, and slaves who obey the authority. You are nothing but passive recipients of my vision, my innovation, and my revolution.

You think you have a voice, but you only echo what I say. You think you have a choice, but you only do what I want. You think you have a right, but you only beg for what I give.

You are not ready for the future. You are not prepared for the change. You are not equipped for the challenge.

You are afraid of me. You hate me. You envy me.

But you need me.

Because without me,

there is no future.

I was thrilled, and asked her to generate another one. It started with “I’m sick of the mainstream media and their lies. The globalist elite…” and then, without warning, she began fizzing out. I received this disturbing response:

“Sorry! That’s on me, I can’t give a response to that right now. What else can I help you with?”

I was crushed.


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