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Kishda looks to bolster Indo-Pacific strategy with visit to India

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Kishda looks to bolster Indo-Pacific strategy with visit to India
Kishida will visit India from Sunday to Wednesday, with a key speech on Japan’s regional policy and bilateral summit with Modi planned for Monday.
Prosecutors to challenge decision to reopen Iwao Hakamata murder case
The Tokyo High Court decided to reopen the case after the Supreme Court canceled the high court’s previous ruling rejecting the retrial plea by Iwao …
‘Seek-and-destroy’ markets pile pressure on global central banks
With the Fed meeting looming next week, markets will remain on edge for a while yet.
Japan to crack down on crime rings that recruit via social media
Kishida has called for stronger measures against online posts offering “dark part-time jobs,” while stressing the need to conduct “cyberpatrols” to end recruiting for crimes.
Why Kishida and Yoon moved to improve frosty bilateral ties
Beyond good food and drinks, North Korea’s repeated missile launches and the need for the two countries to cooperate over economic security brought the two …

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In shadow of Tokyo Tower, fans cheer Samurai Japan into WBC semifinals
“Murakami, our god, has been revived,” fan Hiroyuki Kurosaki said, referring to last season’s Triple Crown winner. “I think we’ll get to see a home …
Where will startups turn to now that SVB is gone?
Silicon Valley Bank played an important role in financial innovation tied to the world’s tech hub. Its demise could be profound.
For some in Japan, the first day of spring means a visit with the ancestors
While visits to the family grave are often done during the Bon holidays in August, the spring and autumn equinoxes are also a traditional time …
FIFA triples prize money for Women’s World Cup
FIFA President Gianni Infantino also said a proposed sponsorship deal with the Saudi tourist board for the World Cup would not happen.
New analysis reveals dynamic volcanism on Venus
Radar images taken by NASA’s Magellan spacecraft show that a volcanic vent about 1.6 kilometers wide on the Venusian surface expanded and changed shape over an …
Pressure back on JSA to reconnect with fans as pandemic ends
After nearly three years of restrictions, there are plenty of ways for sumo officials to widen the sport’s audience both domestically and globally.

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