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Best Enemies Money Can Buy: An Interview with Prof. Antony C. Sutton (1980)

This 43-year-old interview with Antony Sutton describes how the great wars of the 20th century were intramural conflicts between factions of the global capital classes and often amounted to de facto staged productions. The interview took place in 1980 when the Rockefeller wing of US capitalism was still hegemonic. The Reagan election represented the rise of Sunbelt capital, the CIA Right, the MIC, and the neocon/superhawk alliance, with “conservatives” functioning as their useful idiots.

I’ve written about the useful idiot role of the “conservative base” elsewhere.

I’ve also written about how the neocons became the intellectual leadership of the Sunbelt-CIA Right-MIC insurgency in Paul Gottfried’s anthologies. See here and here.

The Sunbelt insurgency was hegemonic for 30 years during the Reagan, Poppy Bush, and Dubya Bush phases, with Clinton representing the Rockefeller wing that had, by that time, cultivated the new upper middle class and the New Left (another CIA-controlled opposition) as its “base.”

The Obama and Biden administrations seem to have been an alliance between the old northeastern establishment, the new digital capitalist class, and new upper middles to counter the Sunbelt alliance. Meanwhile, Trump was a revival of Nixonian populism, and elements of the old 1950s GOP along with the pre-WW2 Right. The neocons responded to Trumpism with the multi-front strategy I’ve written about before.

Meanwhile, as totalitarian humanism rooted in digital capitalism and the new upper middle has ascended, it’s trying to purge Trumpism, its former Rockefellerian allies, and its left-wing opposition. The neocons have simultaneously embedded themselves in totalitarian humanism, Trumpism, and the old Sunbelt alliance, forming the “new popular front” that writers like myself and Glenn Greenwald have identified.

Commentators like Caleb Maupin correctly identify the rift between the ruling class’s Sunbelt capital/MIC wing and the Deep State/Wall Street/Silicon Valley wing. But the neocons have their hands in both and are working both ends against the middle. Neocons like Victoria Nuland and neocon adjacents/allies like Tony Blinken and Samatha Power are currently running the Biden State Department, with MIC representatives like Lloyd Austin running the Defense Department.

Therefore, the neocon alliance is running the foreign policy of the totalitarian humanist-led new popular front AND the Sunbelt capital sectors that continue controlling the GOP at the top. Biden much represents the old elites that Sutton describes in the interview from 1980, but these traditional elites have been eclipsed first by the Sunbelters and then by the digital capitalists and totalitarian humanists, with the neocons gaining geopolitical hegemony in both.

The deep state is aligned primarily with the Dems and the MIC with the GOP. The neocons are the mediating coordinators between both, and both have their kept media and controlled opposition sectors as well. Right now, DeSantis is playing his assigned role as a decoy from Trumpism. The faux outrage over his supposed isolationism is manufactured. The pretend DeSantis-neocon conflict is called an “angle” in pro-wrestling. DeSantis is playing a “face” character for the populist base, with the neocons assuming a “heel” role. Meanwhile, neocon house candidates like Bolton, Pompeo, Haley, and Pence are being thrown in as “jobbers” to ensure the GOP doesn’t stray too far from neocon domination.

Williamson appears to be playing a similar role on the progressive side. Distract the base with the New Age hippie lady who is strangely silent on foreign policy and indicates humanitarian interventional impulses to eclipse the Greens, Peoples Party, Dore, etc.  Through the use of such machinations, the neocon alliance can ensure all of its bases are covered.

Monteith, Stanley (Dr). “The Best Enemies Money Can Buy: An Interview with Professor Antony C. Sutton.” Radio Liberty (Jun. 1980).

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