Light pollution isn’t just bad for stargazing: Why some towns are embracing darkness


Singer born deaf wows judges on ‘The Voice’ with a soulful rendition of ‘Killing Me Softly’’

Season 23 of “The Voice” features blind auditions where the judge’s decisions are made solely on the singer’s voice, not their looks or stage presence. The judges cannot see the performers thanks to rotating chairs, and if they decide to choose an artist to join their team, they press a button to see the whole package.

The fact that the judges couldn’t see ALI’s performance of “Killing me Softly with His Song” by Roberta Flack on Monday, March 13, makes it all the more impressive. Because after her outstanding, soulful performance, she revealed she was born deaf.

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Woman stolen from family at birth meets biological sister for the first time: ‘Definitely my sister’

Seven months after her birth in Chile, Sara Rosenblatt, now 43 and a mother of two, was adopted by a Jewish family living close to Washington, D.C. Although she was aware she had family in Chile, including a sister, Rosenblatt grew up believing she had been voluntarily given up for adoption. “I remember at [a] very young age already having questions for my family, mostly my mother,” Rosenblatt expressed her confusion as a child to PEOPLE. “She was the person that I always went to.” Growing up, Rosenblatt added, she was aware it would require “some extra understanding when it came to my identity,” since she realized that didn’t look like the rest of her adopted family.

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Woman shares ‘genius’ hack of hiding shelves behind framed pictures and people are loving it

Sure, TikTok might be known best for its viral dances, but the platform displays all kinds of quirky, unique creativity. In the mood for stunning fashion findsAnimal mash-up drawingsMusic featuring weird cat sounds? TikTok has it—and more.

That goes for inexpensive DIY home projects as well. TikTok has endless numbers of people sharing clever hacks for sprucing up a place using very little money, making the seriously fun hobby all the more accessible.

Back in August of 2022, digital creator and home decor enthusiast Sarahli Wilcox shared what TikTok users hailed as a “genius” storage hack—building small shelves and hiding them behind mounted art frames.

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Light pollution isn’t just bad for stargazing: Why some towns are embracing darkness

In the 17th century, the wealthy people of Scotland would escape to the small town of Moffat for its healing sulfurous springs. Today, people appreciate Moffat for another kind of healing escape…into darkness.

That’s right. The healing power of the dark of night is a thing, not only for people but for the planet.

If you’ve ever had the bounty of sitting out under the stars far away from city lights, you know how magical it can be to gaze at the night sky, but there are benefits to natural darkness that go far beyond enjoying the aesthetic beauty of space. That’s the premise behind Dark Sky Communities.

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