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3/15/23: Russian Jet Shoots Down American Drone, Desantis Speaks On Ukraine, Tucker Scoffs Trump Foreign Policy, Is SVB Like 2008, Biden Approves Fossil Fuel Drilling, ChatGPT4.0, Women in Workforce, Ebola Outbreak to Covid Lab Leak

Ryan and Emily discuss a Russian jet shooting down an American drone, Desantis gives statements on Ukraine similar to Trump but receives more backlash, Tucker ridicules what Trump got done during his term and calls him “autistic”, Is SVB the sign of another 2008 like collapse? Biden approves a controversial fossil fuel drilling, ChatGPT 4.0 is unveiled, Emily looks at Women in the workforce, and Ryan looks into the origins of Ebola and how that outbreak’s response may have effected our response to the possible Covid lab leak.

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Timestamps: Intro: (0:00) US Drone Shot Down by Russia: (4:39) GOP Ukraine Civil War: (11:02) Tucker Calls Trump Autistic: (28:31) Russel Brand on SVB Tech Bros: (39:36) Gavin Newsom Implicated in SVB: (48:30) Biden Opens Alaskan Drilling: (58:11) ChatGPT 4.0 : (1:03:42) Emily on Women in Workforce (1:10:00) Ryan on Ebola + Lab Leak: (1:23:30) EoS: (1:36:12)

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