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‘What a Generation of Boys Has Found in Andrew Tate,’

— Joy Shan, features editor, New York

Last year, the kickboxer turned alpha-male influencer Andrew Tate exploded on TikTok, drawing a devoted following that crisscrossed the English-speaking world: working-class migrants in England, schoolboys in Australia, rural gun loyalists and jet-setting tech bros in the U.S. His fan base has even extended to places like Brooklyn, where Tate — with his violent misogyny and obscene displays of cash, cars, and weaponry — seemed almost cartoonishly antithetical to everything progressive parents and teachers believed they were teaching their boys. Today, New York’s Lisa Miller takes us inside the army of middle- and high-school Tate fans in liberal New York and poses the following question: What is it about this figure and his message that seems to have captivated this generation of boys?
Tate-Pilled What a generation of boys has found in Andrew Tate’s extreme male gospel.
Illustration: Mark Harris; Photo:@CobraTate/Instagram
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