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3/14/23: Bank Stocks Collapse, David Dayen Trashes Bailout Defenders, China Humiliates Biden on Ukraine, Kamala Unpopularity, Majority Poll Believes Lab Leak, Bailout Reveals Rigged System, East Palestine Forgotten, Matt Taibbi Responds to Congressional Smears

Krystal and Saagar discuss Bank stocks collapsing after Biden says Banking System “Sound”, Secret Fed Bailout pumps billions into banks, David Dayen (@ddayen) executive editor at The Prospect trashes Jason Calacanis’s takes on SVB bailout, China humiliates Biden with potential Ukraine peace deal, Dems panic over Kamala’s unpopularity, The View plays Race Card in Kamala’s defense, a supermajority believe the Lab Leak theory despite media lies, Saagar looks into how the Bailout reveals a rigged system against small business, Krystal looks into how Silicon Valley gets bailouts while East Palestine gets screwed, and Matt Taibbi (@mtaibbi) joins the show to talk about his experience being smeared by congressional democrats in the Twitter Files hearings.

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Timestamps: Intro: (0:00) Bank Stocks Collapse: (2:40) Secret Fed Bailout: (14:04) David Dayen Trashes Jason Calacanis: (21:50) China Ukraine Peace Deal: (35:32) Dem Panic Over Kamala: (48:34) The View Defends Kamala: (54:14) Lab Leak Polling: (1:01:45) Saagar on Rigged System for Small Business: (1:07:54) Krystal on East Palestine Screwed While SVB wins: (1:16:52) Matt Taibbi on Twitter Files Hearing: (1:26:30) EoS: 1:39:46

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