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Tokyo High Court orders retrial in 1966 Iwao Hakamata murder case

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Tokyo High Court orders retrial in 1966 Iwao Hakamata murder case
After nearly six decades, 10 court decisions and more than 30 years on death row, the court on Monday ordered a retrial for the 87-year-old …
Poll finds 57% of Japanese back South Korean solution to wartime labor row
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has hailed the proposal, but 33.3% of the respondents said they did not appreciate the move, the survey showed.
Japan’s sushi chains roll out defenses against ‘sushi terrorism’
The new measures include cameras using artificial intelligence and changes to how food items are delivered to customers.
Japan’s mask rules end — with some caveats
The government started leaving the decision on masking largely up to individuals Monday. But that doesn’t mean that everyone can throw out their face coverings …
Nobel-winning Japanese novelist Kenzaburo Oe dies at 88
Oe was regarded as one of Japan’s leading contemporary novelists and was the second Japanese person to win the literary award.
Pain and faint hopes as Iraqis look back at U.S. invasion
Reflecting on past horrors and dashed hopes, some Iraqis note signs of progress over the intervening two decades, but few voice any real optimism about …

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Topix down, but long-term damage from SVB crash unlikely in Japan
Experts say the factors that led to the U.S. bank’s collapse mean it is unlikely to have a big impact on Japan or East Asia.
Europe is knocking on debt’s door
By continuing to issue common bonds to finance its expenditures, the European Commission is harming savers and undermining the creditworthiness of national governments.
‘Everything Everywhere’ dominates at Oscars, capping award-season sweep
The unconventional sci-fi drama won seven Academy Awards, including best picture, while Michelle Yeoh made history as the first Asian best actress winner.
Australia extends best-ever WBC run with win over Czech Republic
Victory leads to quarterfinal fixture against Cuba
Abandoned after 3/11, Fukushima starts attracting new residents
People are moving to areas near the crippled nuclear power plant in the prefecture lured by the promise of subsidies, discount housing and work opportunities. …
Twelve years after 3/11, dispute grows over Fukushima’s radioactive soil
The central government has pledged to — and is legally obliged to — move all of the soil out of Fukushima Prefecture by 2045.

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