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3/13/23: Massive SVB Bailout, Crypto Bank Collapses, Execs Sold Millions Before Collapse, JD Vance Rips Republicans on Norfolk, Pence Blasts Trump and Tucker, Desantis Blames Wokeness on Bank Collapse, Fauci Freaks Over Prosecution Calls

Krystal and Saagar discuss the massive SVB bailout propping up the banking sector, Romney and Mark Cuban demand bailouts, Crypto Bank Signature collapses amid tech fallout, SVB Executives sold millions in stock and took bonuses before collapse, Matthew Zeitlin (@MattZeitlin) from the GridNews joins us to talk about how all banks are being considered “Too Big to Fail”, JD Vance rips Republicans opposing Norfolk Southern Regulation, Pence blasts Trump and Tucker for January 6th, and Desantis blames Wokeness for Bank collapse, and Fauci is flustered when asked about calls for his prosecution. To become a Breaking Points Premium Member and watch/listen to the show uncut and 1 hour early visit:

Timestamps: Intro: (0:00) SVB Bailout: (2:19) Romney/Cuban Demand Bailouts: (21:32) Crypto Bank Collapse: (27:29) SVB Sold Stocks, Bonuses: (31:59) Matthew Zeitlin on Too Big To Fail: (38:58) JD Vance Norfolk Regulation: (52:54) Pence Blasts Trump Jan 6th: (1:03:22) Krystal on Bank Wokeness Excuse: (1:09:07) Saagar on Fauci: (1:19:31) EoS: (1:30:07)

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