Japan marks 12 years since quake and tsunami prompted Fukushima crisis

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Japan marks 12 years since quake and tsunami prompted Fukushima crisis
Recovery from the magnitude-9.0 earthquake and resultant tsunami has progressed, but some 31,000 people remain displaced as of November 2022.
Japan considers inviting South Korea’s Yoon to Hiroshima G7 summit
G7 host nations often invite countries outside their framework to related meetings. But even if Kishida decides to invite Yoon, the decision may not be …
90% in Japan feel discrimination against disabled exists, survey finds
The survey conducted last year found 88.5% responded that discrimination against such people either “exists” or “exists to a certain extent,” the results of a …
Survey finds 60% of South Koreans oppose Japan wartime labor dispute resolution
The Gallup Korea survey found 59% of respondents are opposed to the plan as they believe it provides no apology or reparations from Japan, while …
Iran and Saudi Arabia to restore ties in major step for Middle East
In a statement, Shiite-majority Iran and mainly Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia said they would reopen embassies and missions within two months.
China role in Saudi-Iran deal a tricky test for U.S.
The surprise deal to restore diplomatic ties offers much for the United States to be intrigued about. It also contains an element sure to make …

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Abandoned after 3/11, Fukushima starts attracting new residents
People are moving to areas near the crippled nuclear power plant in the prefecture lured by the promise of subsidies, discount housing and work opportunities. …
March’s biggest fashion drops are mired in nostalgia
When fashion isn’t just cyclical but unimaginative, it’s a sign of a deeper issue.
Artizon Museum’s Dumb Type installations will leave you cold
Recent works by Dumb Type have been recreated in and adapted for the Tokyo museum as “2022: remap.” But even for this high-concept collective, some …
Rixon Wingrove heats up as Australia routs China in WBC
Australia beat China to earn its second win at the WBC
The Oscars are upon us. What films are you rooting for?
Discussing what makes a great movie is fun conversation fodder. What kind of movie do you think is worthy of an Academy Award?

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