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Do You Have Enemies?

I’m old enough to remember when politicians disagreed, they didn’t act like they hated each other. I use the word “act” because it’s hard for me to believe the combative way politicians treat each other in the current climate is genuine. Does this mean I believe the vitriol we are witnessing between elected officials is, in fact, kayfabe? I tend to assume a lot of it is. But much of it isn’t, and that signals a change in the political climate for elected officials towards one another. And with many politicians viewing their political opponents as their enemies, it makes you wonder what they think of us.

One need only watch Joe Biden’s oft-referred-to “Red Speech” from last year—Aaron from Timeline Earth and I commented on it here—to witness the regime’s attitude towards those who question whether the 2020 presidential election results were legitimate. Those who disagreed with the election results were referred to as the “enemies of democracy” AND immoral.

With the knowledge that politicians view you as their enemy, it raises the question of how they intend to punish you for violating groupthink, other than by “black-bagging” you in the middle of the night and sending you to a Gulag, or worse. One example we’ve been seeing is that if you are too vocal about those opinions the regime considers “evil” and “immoral,” the regime will embolden their apparatchiks in the Human Resources departments of your employer to terminate your employment, usually referring to an “Equity and Inclusion” document most employers require employees to sign as a requirement for employment. It doesn’t matter if the comment you made was posted from an anonymous account on social media; said apparatchiks are peppered throughout society to forensically go through your history to find your true identity. Would you consider people who are targeting you to destroy you both professionally and personally because of an opinion you hold your enemies?


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