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BOJ maintains monetary easing at Kuroda’s last policy board meeting

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BOJ maintains monetary easing at Kuroda’s last policy board meeting
Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda is set to end his 10-year term and pass the torch to incoming chief Kazuo Ueda, whose appointment was approved by parliament …
Japan reports first death directly linked to COVID-19 vaccine
The woman received a Pfizer shot targeting the omicron variant on Nov. 5 at a mass vaccination center.
Sentence upheld for friend of Fukuoka mom who starved son to death
The Fukuoka High Court backed the credibility of testimony by the mother that Emiko Akahori psychologically controlled her life as a whole.
North Korea’s Kim says military carried out ‘simulated drills for real war’
Leader Kim Jong Un oversaw a military drill that fired off “a powerful volley” of at least six missiles simulating a strike on enemy airports, …
Mitsubishi Motors plays catchup with plans for all-electric fleet by 2035
The company also said it’s aiming for sales of 1.1 million units a year and an operating profit of ¥220 billion by fiscal 2025.
Twelve years after 3/11, dispute grows over Fukushima’s radioactive soil
The central government has pledged to — and is legally obliged to — move all of the soil out of Fukushima Prefecture by 2045.

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Yokozuna promotion appears within Takakeisho’s grasp at Spring Basho
Reaching sumo’s highest rank is one of the toughest challenges in all of sport, but the odds of Takakeisho achieving it later this month appear …
The Chinese century is already over
China’s gap between its declining demographic and economic strength and expanding strategic ambitions now constitutes a major geopolitical risk.
Things come full circle — like a bagel — for ‘Everything Everywhere’ designer Shirley Kurata
The woman behind many of the looks that film villain Jobu Tupaki wears had to get creative with a smaller budget than her fellow Oscar …
Elderly survivors fight to preserve memory of Tokyo firebombing in ‘Paper City’
In his documentary, Australian filmmaker Adrian Francis explores the collective amnesia surrounding the wartime firebombings of Japan’s capital.
Australia looks to keeping momentum going after upsetting South Korea
The victory means Australia can claim one of its pool’s two quarterfinal spots if it takes care of business against China and the Czech Republic.
Hold the mayo as Japan egg shortage hits McDonald’s to 7-Eleven
McDonald’s Japan’s Teritama Muffin — a breakfast sandwich that combines egg, sausage and teriyaki sauce — is now off the menu.

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