Americans need to wake up to the realities of a post-unipolar world before it’s too late.

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Dear Reader,Imagine, if you will, Napoleon Bonaparte. How tall is he? It is a complex question, you say. Units of measurement have changed; he only seems short to us now; he was of average height. Wrong! The idea of Napoleon you carry in your head was given to you by James Gillray, the father of modern political cartooning, and Gillray decided Napoleon should look short, and so he is. And that is the power of satirical comics: a Brit can make The Emperor look like a little man. Anyway, there is a book out about Gillray, and Dan Hitchens reviewed it for us in the magazine. You can read this without hitting the paywall for a limited time (or become a member to have unlimited access to this and all of our articles!).

If it takes Uncle Sam six years to produce one million artillery shells, and it takes Zelensky one year to shoot them—and Zelensky wants more after he shoots that million—where does that leave Uncle Sam’s ammunition supplies? Look, it’s hard to keep up with all the material packages we’ve sent to Ukrainethat’s why Bradley Devlin does it for us. From a business perspective, the U.S. burning through its weapons stockpiles must look great: Uncle Sam is going to have to buy a lot more Javelins. From a readiness and timing standpoint, though, one begins to wonder how good things look. How long will it take for us to have the weapons and equipment we need for whatever the future holds?

When The American Conservative opposed the Iraq invasion twenty years ago, its editors were called unpatriotic conservatives. But there is nothing unpatriotic in holding your country to a high standard, in wishing for it to become its most virtuous self, rather than indulging its baser instincts. George O’Neill Jr. has been a champion for peace and restraint for a long time. In a piece yesterday, he suggests that as distrust in media narratives continues to grow, many patriots are in for a rude awakening, as they realize that America’s role on the international stage has not always been in the spirit of liberty and justice she claims. But true humility is good, and we hope we can become a wiser, chastened country.

Happy reading! Please feel free to write to me any thoughts you have on what you’d like to see us cover.


Micah Meadowcroft
Web Editor

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Americans need to wake up to the realities of a post-unipolar world before it’s too late.

Ignorance, if recognized, is often more fruitful than the appearance of knowledge.
―Walker Percy
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