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3/10/23: Taibbi Attacked By Dems in Twitter Files Hearing, US NYT Nordstream Report, Jon Stewart Backlash Over Lab Leak Jokes, Chris Rock on Meghan Markle, Work Monitoring Employee Brain Waves, Migrant Child Labor Abuse

In this episode we discuss Matt Taibbi attacked by Democrats as a “so called journalist” in Twitter Files hearing, the New York Times releases a report saying the Nordstream pipeline was destroyed by “Pro Ukranian groups”, Jon Stewart speaks about the backlash he received from his Lab Leak jokes, Chris Rock throws shade at Meghan Markle, James Li (@jamesccli) talks about companies considering monitoring the brain waves of their employees, Marshall Kosloff (@makosloff) covers Tik Tok regulations, and Max Alvarez talks about Child Labor abuse with Migrant children.

Timestamps: NordStream Breaking: (00:00) Chris Rock: (6:08) Jon Stewart: (11:00) Matt Taibbi Breaking: 16:03 James Li: 23:05 Marshall: 33:36 Max: 48:28 To become a Breaking Points Premium Member and watch/listen to the show uncut and 1 hour early visit: To listen to Breaking Points as a podcast, check them out on Apple and Spotify Apple:… Spotify:… Merch: #news #politics #youtube

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