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‘Why Animators Are Unhappy With the Oscars,’

— Ray Rahman, senior editor, Vulture

Sometimes it seems that everyone, from Hollywood insiders to viewers at home, has a reason to be mad at the Oscars. But one group has been particularly riled up for years: animators. Two decades ago, the Academy launched a category for Best Animated Feature, and since then, filmmakers in the medium have discovered that it’s nearly impossible to win if you’re not working for Disney. Worse, it’s hard to get nominated if your movie doesn’t appeal to children. Some question whether the category should even exist: “It creates a separation: adult table, kids’ table,” Kirk Wise, director of 1991’s Beauty and the Beast, told Vulture’s Eric Vilas-Boas. Wise and more than a dozen other animators spoke to Eric about what went wrong and whether it can be fixed.
‘It’s Kind of Embarrassing’: Why Animators Are Unhappy With the Oscars Two decades in, the Academy’s Best Animated Feature category isn’t living up to its promise.
Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photos: Getty, Academy
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