U.S. Will Pull Another 1971 & Launch World Into Metaverse!

Emmanuel Daniel: U.S. Will Pull Another 1971 & Launch World Into Metaverse!

Emmanuel Daniel discusses the idea of East versus West and it being a Western construct, we’re in a multipolar world. He argues the U.S. is a dysfunctional state because it spearheads the development of new systems of governance and suffers the consequences, but that the rest of the world shares in those benefits. He explains how China became successful and how the “reset” of the Cultural Revolution played a role. He doesn’t feel the U.S is declining but rather pushing ahead into the networked world. Just like the U.S. had to reinvent itself in 1971 by closing the gold window, he feels we are at another critical juncture where the U.S. will pull yet another trick and take the world into a digital economy (e.g. CBDCs, metaverse).

ANALYSIS: Will China Broker Peace in Ukraine?

All eyes will be on China as it either establishes a peace plan or gives Russia a critical injection of military aid to help push it over the top in its war of attrition against Ukraine, and by extension, the Collective West.

ANALYSIS: Why West Pushes Serbia to Recognize Kosovo

It is entirely possible that the United States and the European Union will force Vučić to sign the EU proposal on Kosovo on March 24 – the day when NATO launched its aggression against Serbia in 1999. From the Western perspective, such a move would represent a symbolic, or even a ritual punishment of the Serbs.

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