It’s Time to Fall in Love With Nuclear Fusion—Again

I Asked an Algorithm to Optimize My Life. Here’s What Happened

Lucy Liu

I spend all day making decisions, and they’re not always good ones. Could an algorithm do a better job of deciding what’s best for me?


The LastPass Hack Somehow Gets Worse

Lily Hay Newman

Plus: The US Marshals disclose a “major” cybersecurity incident, T-Mobile has gotten pwned so much, and more.


13 Rapid At-Home Covid-19 Tests—and Where to Find Them

Brenda Stolyar

How accurate are over-the-counter swabs? Does your insurance cover them? We have answers.


China’s ChatGPT Black Market Is Thriving

Caiwei Chen

A booming illicit market for OpenAI’s chatbot shows the huge potential, and risks, for Chinese generative AI.


A Unique Experiment That Could Make Social Media Better

Jonathan Stray and Gillian Hadfield

Academic researchers weren’t getting anywhere by criticizing Big Tech platforms, so we decided to try collaborating instead.


It’s Time to Fall in Love With Nuclear Fusion—Again

Virginia Heffernan

Let’s indulge: Once fusion arrives, handmade suns could wipe out all human problems in a go.





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